Julie B.

Brooke sold my house in a matter of days for top dollar and way above asking price. I was blown away by her efficiency, speed, professionalism and her ability to navigate the delicate complexities and personalities that can reveal themselves during the selling process. She is tactful, smart, savvy (yet sincere) and exactly who you need to sell your house.

Mary O.

Brooke is amazing. She helped us sell an investment property earlier this year, and we could not hoped for a better agent. The property sold for more than we were expecting, and the process was smooth from start to finish. Brooke is organized, professional, efficient and excellent at negotiating. Highly recommend her!

Kevin and Sarah C.

Brooke was gem to work with. She always made herself available in the evenings or on the weekends for us and our many questions. We went out three weekends in a row to look at homes. She ended up using her expertise to help us land the home of our dreams. So grateful to her and all the time she made for us. Will definitely be calling upon her in the future for any other real estate, or design needs.

Michael H.

Brooke was a great realtor to work with especially as a first time home buyer. She was always available and on-time to show us houses, and when it came time to make an offer, she really worked with us to make sure it was competitive and compelling for the seller which led to us having our first offer accepted! From then on, she was incredibly helpful in navigating everything from the inspection to appraisal to closing to even helping with contractors for a few projects we are considering. Overall, I would highly recommend working with Brooke!

Sana M.

Brooke is an absolute Godsend. Saying she helped us buy and sell our home is an understatement. She was our friend, our partner, our advisor, our advocate, our designer, our therapist even! She was so patient with us as we set out to buy a house with a tight budget in this crazy market. She has been such an advocate for us both as buyers and sellers and has worked with the utmost integrity through out the entire process. We are so lucky to have had her in our corner through what can often be a grueling process. As a seller, we knew she was going to properly market our home and make sure it was in front of the right people at the right time. Because she works with the best of the best, she had the best photographer come take amazing photos of our home! Our home sold within a few days for well over asking price! As buyers, she did more than we could ever thank her for. She found our home because she does the due diligence no other realtor could ever do. Using her design and builder skill, we could see potential in homes we otherwise would have said no to. We ended up finding exactly what we wanted in the neighborhood we wanted under budget and consulted with her to turn that house into our dream home!!! I am so impressed by Brooke’s work ethic, her client first dedication, and her deeply insightful knowledge of the Austin housing market. I would recommend Brooke to every single person considering buying or selling their home!

Asim M.

Brooke is not for everyone. Sure, she works with a variety of clients — first time buyers, experienced buyers, and out of town investors, to name a few — but she’s different. High integrity. Super transparent. More than knowledgeable, Brooke is insightful. She connects the dots (and teaches you how to, too).Brooke worked with us for 7 months. She was patient as we were figuring out what our goals were. She’s licensed and experienced in real estate (buying, selling and flipping an INSANE roster of properties). She explains the ins and outs of the title, helped me determine the perfect mortgage, AND is a gifted interior designer/general contractor. I probably forgot some of the things Brooke did for us.I can’t recommend her enough. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to work with Brooke someday too.